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TRIO Upward Bound


Upward Bound is a pre-college program for high school students. This program prepares students for education beyond high school. Upward Bound is for students who demonstrate an academic potential for higher education, who meet income qualification guidelines, and who are first-generation college students.


The Upward Bound program at TV Arkansas Community College is committed to serving the learning and developmental needs of eligible students and families in our community, and strives to promote excellence and success in high school and college completion.


Empowering students and families with the academic support needed to succeed in their educational endeavors

Upward Bound is a federally-funded TRIO Program.  TRIO is a collection of eight educational opportunity programs funded by the United States Department of Education.  The initial 5-year grant came to TV Arkansas College on November 17, 2007 and has continuously  served students since!

The program is funded to serve 63 high school students from El Dorado High School in the El Dorado School District.


*Students may turn in their application to their front office or school counselor



An individual is eligible to participate in the program if he/she meets the following criteria:

  1. Is a low-income individual 
  2. Is a potential first-generation college student 
  3. Has demonstrated a potential for post-secondary training 
  4. Has a need for academic support in order to successfully pursue post-secondary training 

No person shall be denied admission to the program on basis of race, color, sex, or national origin.


  • 18 Saturday Scholars Academies
  • Academic advising, career coaching, financial literacy
  • Study groups; tutoring services
  • ACT preparation; Technology
  • Exposure to cultural and social events.
  • College tours; Leadership training
  • Assistance with college admissions and financial aid applications.
  • Parent workshops; community service
  • Educational seminars; guest speakers


  • Intensive six-week session
  • Simulated college experience
  • Instruction in rigorous academic courses
  • ACT; Technology; Financial Literacy
  • College seminars; Career Awareness
  • Internships; Job Shadowing
  • Counseling; Mentoring; Leadership
  • Community Service; Work Experience
  • Exposure to cultural events, academic programs, and recreational/social activities


  • Final stage of Upward Bound Program for participants who have completed their senior year in high school and have been accepted to a post-secondary institution.
  • Participants enroll in college courses at TV Arkansas Community College classes.
  • Selected on the basis of academic performance in high school and previous program participation.
  • Designed to aid students in making a successful transition from high school to college,
  • Study groups, tutoring, and academic resources available to participants.

TV Arkansas College
Computer Technology Building
375 West Block Street
Office 220 "Think Tank"
El Dorado, AR 71730

Kelsey Jackson , TRIO Upward Bound Director
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Martha Dunn TRIO Upward Bound Student Success Specialist
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Roy Williams TRIO Upward Bound Student Success Coach
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